White dude walks into a black church, shoots and kills nine congregants, the Department of Justice calls it a hate crime -- but you know what's really behind this tragedy? Let's check in with "pro-life" conservative activist and Fox News contributor Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King -- yes, the Dr. King. She's also a star on the wingnut circuit because she'll happily tell those wingnuts exactly what they want to hear about how racism is dead and Obama is evil, and her uncle would tell you that if he were here today, yes he would.

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So because Fox was eager to find all the experts it could to assure us that this hate crime is NOT about race, or at least it's mostly not about race, here's Alveda King to give them exactly what they want to hear:

This is not just a racial hate crime. The motivation is insanity, it's rage. Race can be behind it, I'm not going to deny that. [...]

This disturbed young man -- I understand he's caucasian, and he shot black people, and that's not good -- but evil is not just limited to color.

It's a lack of value for human life. You know, I'm going to say that as a director of outreach for African Americans of Priests for Life, you kill babies in the womb, kill people in their beds, shoot people on the streets so now you go into the church when people are praying.

This, from a prominent voice for the very same movement that regularly terrorizes doctors and their patients. And sometimes even kills them dead. In their church. If only we'd stop murdering unborned babies in the womb, no one would ever commit an act of violence again, right?

While the rest of the media has been focusing on alleged suspect Dylann Storm Roof's possibly racist motivations -- including his words, according to one survivor, that he was there to kill black people and take "his" country back from them -- that's some kind of red herring. Let's not get distracted, m'kay? The Justice Department really ought to be focusing on abortion and how if we'd just stop letting women have medical procedures, this sort of thing wouldn't happen anymore.

Or, alternately, King and others like her who are so desperate to explain why an apparently racist hate crime isn't about race, it's about the unborned babies, can fuck all the way off. With a rusty coat hanger.



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