Dr. Taitz Is Familiar With Barack Obama's Homosexual Escapades, And Also, Ether Binges


  • Roy Blunt (R-MO) knows stuff about Canada. He knows that in Canada, they speak French and Spanglish, and that "bacon" is really just lame slices of ham. Roy knows that if you need a hip replacement, the Canadian government sends to you live in poverty, with the Eskimos, who have no need for hips. [AMERICAblog]

  • If Obama abandons the public option, hundreds of House members will put catheters in their weenies -- à la Mike Gravel -- and read Infinite Jest again and again and again, until they get their way (Hitler socialism). [TPM]

  • Orly Taitz is the poster child for cannabis psychosis. [Salon]

  • RedState Bible Study! God spoketh unto Abraham, "Abraham. Hey. Kill the public option." So Abraham dragged the public option up a mountain, and stabbed it in the face. "Jesus Christ," howled the Lord. "That was just a test. You weren't supposed to do that, really." And then Abraham shrugged and gave an exhilarating speech at Right Online, in the sinful city of Pittsburgh. The End. [RedState]

  • Is the Washington Post snorting Prozac? Or maybe taking handfuls of Flintstone Zoloft vitamins every day? If so, please stop being greedy, and share with TNR. [The Plank]


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