Draft Clark

Despite repeated pleas from supporters, Wes Clark, Jr. has refused to commit to a post-campaign career in modeling. (Maybe if we start an online petition. . . )

Other highlights from Wes Jr.'s responses in WashingtonPost.com's online chat:

· To supporters: "Don't stop believing."

· Films he's worked on: "Gattacca, Fierce Creatures, Living Out Loud and Out of Sight."

· On this outburst in Oklahoma: "[I]t was conversational and all with a smile."

· Comparing his two careers: "Politics and Hollywood are the same business, people just dress differently."

· On his dad: "[H]e is scary smart."

And he's half right.

Goodbye, Wes [Wonkette]

Election 2004: The Clark Campaign [WP]


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