Draft Condi, Film Kitty

  • Heard on the Hill:Rep. Joe Wilson gets grungy... Thursday's Senate session to be scheduled around the Pope... Are you ready for the House's greatest hits?... Barack Obama to prove himself through basketball. [Roll Call]
  • Reliable Source:Chelsea vs. Jenna. [WP]
  • Yeas and Nays:Dan Marino is staying out of politics... Barack Obama has got it in the shopping bag. [Examiner]

  • Shenanigans:David Vitter to testify in D.C. Madam trial. [Politico]
  • The Sleuth: The draft Condi movement heats up. [WP]
  • Rush & Molloy: The Katharine Graham biopic brings out the stars, shuts out the relatives. [NYDN]
  • Washington Whispers:Nixon, FDR, Johnson and JFK are all getting renovated... Dick Cheney only gets 180 days of safety... John Boehner wants Rep. Rob Portman to be McCain's second in command. [USN&WR]

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