Dragon Lady Canoodles

ooo im gonna tell im gonna tellJudging by the amount of mail we received about the hot video of Katherine Harris and Rick Renzi, we were expecting penetration. At least some nudity. Sure, it may have been ripped off of C-SPAN, but have you heard the Johnson tapes? Pretty steamy stuff. Yet no: She touches his arm. Tosses her head. They laugh. What century are we in that this is considered hot, much less proof that they're fucking? Did she also show him her ankle? Take off her veil? You'd have to be either Jane Austen or the Taliban to read much into this. But don't let that stop you! Bill Clinton being back on the trail made us nostalgic for sexual inquisitions, too!

Though, uhm, we could have gone without the image of Harris having sex suggested to us. Does having all that make-up on still count as naked?

The Canoodle [thecanoodle.com]


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