Dramatic Rescue At Sea Plus Bonus Polar Bear Mauling

  • Here is why Navy Seals get the big bucks: they can train their sniper rifles on pirates bobbing around in a little 18-foot lifeboat at dusk and kill them in a single shot. [New York Times]
  • GM is preparing for a "surgical bankruptcy," which is a very painful procedure involving the removal of massive amounts of dollars through the colon. [Fox News]
  • That topless Disney tween who famously posed for an old lesbian photographer has been forced to star in a very popular movie, in fact the very most popular movie in all the US. [AP]
  • The Christian Right is either withering on the vine or quite robust or both, or perhaps all three things at the same time, just like the Holy Trinity. [CQ Politics]
  • Hey kids here is something not to do when it's feeding time at the zoo: jump into the polar bear cage. [CNN]
  • An aide to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had to resign after it was revealed that he (the aide) was plotting to SMEAR various Tories with evil gossipy rumors (or "rumours"). [The Independent]

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