Dreier Circumstances: He's GAY! OMG! He's GAY GAY GAY!

The LA Weekly has followed up on the Raw Story's lead and outed Republican California Congressman David Dreier, and many people are taking particular delight in it: Dreier represents a very conservative district, and has repeatedly taken anti-gay positions -- and not just your standard Federal Marriage Amendment-type stuff. According to the Weekly, he even voted against "the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program designed to give shelter to the impoverished sick, and against funding for the federal ADAP program that furnishes the poor with the AIDS meds they need to stay alive." Oh, the irony.

Our position on outing conservatives is simple: We think being a gay Republican must be torture enough. As for particularly virulent homophobes who are gay, well, they should be mocked and reviled because they're homophobes, not because they're gay homophobes. Oh, and because they fuck other men. Gross.

The Outing: David Dreier and his straight hypocrisy [LA Weekly]

Anti-gay congressman, said gay, ‘lived with male chief of staff’er [Raw Story]


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