Drilling for Freedom in Alaska


The march for democracy in Iraq? It's all about oil, says Representative Dan Lungren. Oil in Alaska. "I feel quite strongly that as long as we have our military in the Middle East fighting so that we can continue to purchase oil from that region, we have an obligation to find alternatives to foreign oil," the Republican congressman exclaims in a new fundraising letter. "It is difficult to justify the death of even one soldier when we are not doing everything in our power to explore options for oil within our country." We totally agree. Plus, we think the caribou in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will actually greet us as liberators, not occupiers. And, frankly, the people who say the caribou are too wild and violent and herdish to handle democracy? Racists. The caribou want the power to control their own destinies in free and democratic elections, just like anyone.

No Oil for War [Sacramento News & Review, via Cursor.org]


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