Drudge Gets Finked Out!!!

drudgespan.jpgOn Friday, Matt Drudge educated C-SPAN viewers about the tricky nature of news in the Internet era: "What is happening is credibility is being called into play, of people making stuff up deliberately, finking people out, parody sites not really labeled as parody. There's a lot of confusion out there." Today, Drudge got fooled by a blogger parodying conservative Christians' ostensible reaction to Laura Bush's WHCD speech. If you ask us, though, the news here isn't that Drudge mistook a fake story for a real one -- it happens to everyone eventually. Much more notable, in our opinion, is that the famously MSM-biased citizen-journalist actually linked to a blog! It only lasted for a few minutes, but it's a start.

Hoax release fools Matt Drudge [Crooks and Liars]

Christians Not Laughing at First Lady... [The Swift Report]


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