Drudge Sirens! You'll Never Believe This Shocking Drudge News About Sarah Palin And Hillary Clinton!


Wonkers, we sure hope you're sitting down! TheDrudge Report has shocking news about a shocking poll that will give you an Alaska Shocker, which is like a regular Shocker except its icy cold shockingness will leave you with Polaroids. Hope you're sitting down, because here is the Drudge Report's tweeted Shocker:

WHOA if true!

The link goes to a Washington Examiner story revealing that Alaskans aren't all that crazy about the idea of Governor Quitts-Halfeway running for president, and that for the Republican nomination in 2016, they'd prefer Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, or a half-rotted roadkill caribou to Sister Sarah. And yes, she'd lose to Hillz, even in Alaska.

We can hardly wait to see what SnowbillyGrifterWordSalad TV will have to say about this treachery.

[Twitter / Washington Examiner]

Doktor Zoom

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