Drunk Bush Embarrasses Rice In Front Of Foreigns!

She hate meTipster "Patrick" informs us that the foreign press is spreading nutty rumors about a drunken President Bush making an ass out of himself in front of Israeli leaders. As if! The translation after the jump.

The article claims an inebriated Bush confessed his inability to understand the complexities of Israeli domestic politics, before telling a room full of the party leaders of Olmert's fragile coalition that they should continue to support the Prime Minister and sustain his term. Apparently Rice, embarrassed by the diplomatic gaffe of a visiting world leader's attempts to comment on/interfere in the host nation's domestic politics, passed the President a note instructing him to shut his mouth and stop talking. At which point--and this is the best part--Bush smiled and read the note aloud before the whole room had a good hearty laugh.

Surely a few of our glamorously well-traveled and polylingual Wonkette readers will be able to confirm or enlarge upon this translation!

Bush's party in the house drinking alcohol Olmert said he Rice: Close your mouth and speak (that is Google's translation) [Saraya News]


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