Drunk Text The President As The World Ends
Today, technology can make our lives better -- even if our world as we know it is being destroyed! Oh, well, at least there's a new episode of Game of -- oh, crap.

  • You can now donate to the presidential campaigns through text! No word on whether the presidential candidates would text back. How much do you wanna bet that Romney uses emoticons to let us know he has emotions? [Washington Post]
  • Okay, so they killed the electric car. But! What about self-driving cars? The article mentions picking up kids from school, but think about how awesome it would be to go out drinking with your friends without having to bring that one boring friend to drive you home? [Foreign Policy]
  • Greek archaeologists are freaking out because they're worried about artifacts being lost thanks to Greek austerity measures. But at least Greece still has their most ancient and important artifact, democracy! Oh, what? They voted for Nazis and communists together? Oh, crap. [The New York Times]
  • And now here is a sobering article about the destruction of our planet. Eh, you've probably heard it all before...but why not read it all again? [Time]

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