Dude, I Got So Shitfaced at the Iran Party

* ABC hired some gays for the purposes of newsmaking; Ed Murrow would be so proud! [Michelle Malkin]

* Terrorists are funding Hillary's campaign of Anti-American vagina-based terror-coddling. [WorldNet Daily]

* Contempt for Miers and Bolton comes pretty naturally, really. [Carpetbagger Report]

* Duke Cunningham's briber was convicted of all 13 counts today. [Left Coaster]

* Iran celebrated the National Day of Struggle Against Global Arrogance yesterday, and we wonder how they view their progress on that front. [Headline Junky]

* What's got two thumbs and thinks Pakistani tyranny should be funded by the American taxpayer? [Reality-Based Community]

* Kentucky, a traditional bastion of petuli-smelling child-molesting gay-marriage lovers, is getting ready to overwhelmingly elect a Democrat to the Senate. [Political Wire]


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