Dude, You're Getting a Terrorist Warning

duuuuuudeNBC is reporting that the CIA "cannot authenticate" the tape that Drudge was all het up about, because, uhm, there's nothing to authenticate, really:

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, described analysts’ concern as “low” because it was not clear that the tape was recorded recently and because the man on the tape, who spoke in what appeared to be an American accent, mentioned no details.
And have you seen the guy that the Feds think are responsible for the now presumably debunked "terrorist warning"? We think he was the president of the Iron Maiden fan club in El Segundo for awhile -- he was all about the "streets will run with blood," then, too. Of course, that was usually when he was stoned out of his gourd and singing along to Jimmy Swaggart at 3AM. . . Good times. . . good times. . .

CIA can’t authenticate taped threat to U.S. [MSNBC]


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