Duh: Most People Are Not Really Concerned Enough About Swine Flu To Actually Go Get A Flu Shot


  • Obama is demanding that the companies that received the most bailout money pay their highest-earning employees 10% of what they normally do. [New York Times]
  • Oh here's something new: everyone is worried about getting sick but is too lazy and/or too terrified to actually get a flu shot. [Washington Post]
  • The weird Jett Travolta/Bahamas were not really so fun that one time/extortion case has been declared a mistrial. [CNN]
  • Terrorists fired mortars at an airport in Somalia in hopes of killing the country's president as he boarded a plane. They killed 20 people, but none of them were the president. [AP]
  • Larry Summers has a good feeling about the the strength of the economy in general and the value of the dollar specifically. [Reuters]
  • AT&T is really pulling out all the stops trying to keep this net neutrality thing from happening. [The Hill]

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