Duke Cunningham's Wife Begins Process of Optioning Story to Martin Scorsese

In a New Republic story to be posted later today, Mrs. "Disgraced Former Congressman" Duke Cunningham kicks off the dirty laundy-airing (LITERALLY HAR HAR) and distancing. TPM Muckraker sez:

It's not a pretty picture: the night before Duke Cunningham was sentenced and taken into custody, he dumped a duffel bag filled with dirty underwear and $32,000 in $20 and $100 bills in his wife's driveway as a desperate attempt to salvage some of his ill-gotten gains.

Furthermore, Duke "slept with a knife under his pillow" and physically threatened Denny Hastert (living the dream, Duke-stir!).

No word on whether the presumably speedball-fueled icon of corruption ever shot an intern in the foot for being too slow with his drink, or the source of the helicopter that plagued his paranoid (but brilliantly-edited) pre-sentencing day.

Duke Cunningham's Wife Speaks! (But Not to Us) [TPMMuckraker]


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