Dumb Clinton Surrogate Unleashes Funny Attack on Obama

Hillary Clinton and her demonic velociraptor "surrogates" have linked Barack Obama to all sorts of unsavory figures: Jesse Jackson, Deval Patrick, Tony Rezko, and Martin Luther King Jr. But a new surrogate, Tom Buffenbarger -- president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which represents space rocket makers and such -- has upped the negative ante: Barack Obama is the Roman god Janus, the most dangerous terrorist since Rosa Parks.

Here's what the erudite Buffenbarger said at Clinton's Ohio rally last night, before the First Lady came on stage:

Buffenbarger called Obama a "thespian," and he sarcastically referred to the junior senator from Illinois as a "wunderkind." He compared Obama to "Janus, the two-faced Roman god of ancient times." And he pleaded with the crowd to boo Obama's labor record.

Janus? We hate Janus! BOO JANUS' LABOR RECORD!

There's more:

Early in his speech, Buffenbarger asked, "So now we have a decision to make. Will we rely on the Harvard Law Review editor? The silver-tongued orator from Kansas, Hawaii and Illinois? The man in love with the microphone?"

The black Janus will make man-on-microphone sex legal, that silver-tongued wunkerkind of most vile disposition! Listen to me, because I'm BUFFENBARGER, and I make the Space Rockets.

A Clinton surrogate, a Dem divide? [First Read]


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