Dumb Drug War Propagandist To Tommy Chong: 'My Heart Goes Out To You ... You've Got a Marijuana Addiction'


Hey, did you hear that Ron Paul -- lifelong libertarian and opponent of the Drug War -- has sponsored some federal legislation to end the marijuana prohibition? To CNN's challenged cable-news hosts, this is shocking news, that a lifelong opponent of the Drug War would still be just like that.

Here's what the guest host on whatever CNN show said last night:

"Ron Paul legalizing marijuana. Go figure on that one."

Yeah, what's with people doing what they do? Uhh. Anyway, and then this Drug War Propagandist from the Clinton/Bush Jr. drug war Drug Czar team showed up to whine at Tommy Chong, who was put in prison because he made comedy movies about getting high, which is fun.

From this CNN program:

CHONG: Listen, the kids die -- more kids die from obesity, from alcohol use, from traffic accidents. How many people have died from marijuana? Tell me.

CHABOT: Tommy, look, two wrongs do not make a right.

CHONG: Where's the wrong here? No one died from marijuana.

CHABOT: Tommy, listen.

CHONG: Where is the wrong here?

CHABOT: First off, my heart goes out to you because you're an addict. You've got a marijuana addiction.


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