Dumb Minnesotans Want 'Good Schools' Instead of Bags of Money Apparently


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/R8WXN0bRN7A&hl=en_US&fs=1 expand=1]

Oooh, it's her SECOND ad! This is a major event! Yes, Margaret Anderson Kelliher is the Democratic ("DFL" in Minnesota's Canadian speak) endorsed candidate for governor of Minnesota, and as you can see from this ad, she is running against Tim Pawlenty, future president of us all. Except Tim Pawlenty is not running for governor, because he wants to be unemployed like Sarah Palin. But even more confusing is this drive-thru conceit. Why don't these evil Minnesotans want the bags of money this place is giving out? Are they rich elitists?

The menu clearly lists the "SPECIAL INTEREST SPECIAL" as costing only $6.99. Are these people insane? You pay $6.99 for a bag full of stacks of hundred-dollar bills? WHO WOULD NOT DO THIS? This advertisement is meant only to mock semi- or un-employed recent college graduates such as your afternoon editor, surely.

Young people such as the guy in the blue polo are not interested in things like good schools or jobs, unlike old people. They only want hamburgers from their government! And they are in luck, as that is a thing on this menu. Yet they are still not allowed to get hamburgers because this place closes in the middle of the day? Huh?

Why does Margaret Anderson Kelliher hate young people and logic so much? [YouTube via Wonkette operative "christian u."]


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