Dumb People Talk About Liz Warren's Wealth Tax
Photo: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License 2.0

Ever since Scott Walker lost his gig as governor of Wisconsin, he's been trying to remake himself as a great Twitter Pundit. It's really sort of embarrassing, like that time he fantasized about lying to hypothetical schoolchildren about taxes, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez schooled him good. Walker was back with another sub-Huckabee-quality take Thursday, this time on Elizabeth Warren's "wealth tax" proposal. And just like his attempt to explain marginal tax rates to fifth-graders, it involved imaginary children and a load of horse shit.

Walker may be in need of entertainment. Just look at the unnecessary emojis here:

Well gosh, Scott, shall we explain how taxing assets over $50 million is unlike your weird analogy? Here are a few differences!

  • Nobody ever inherited a bunch of A grades from their family and then went on to add to them.
  • Nobody ever got government subsidies or capital gains tax cuts to get an A.
  • Nobody ever promised C students that if they give the A students most of the school supplies, then everybody would see their grades improve.
  • While it's true that lots of students have lobbied to get higher grades, that usually doesn't sway teachers. And there are sure as hell no paid lobbyists convincing school boards that certain students must get an A.
  • Nobody ever stashed their good grades in an offshore grade haven.
  • And there's definitely no entrenched political party out there telling America that if A students aren't given As, then they might just pack up and move to a school in China.

Oh yes, and the idea that wealth is a reflection of individual achievement is bollocks, too, you dipshit. And a guy who slashed funding for education in his state should probably just stay away from school-based analogies anyway.

Oh, the liberals were mean, too:

It's probably time to institute an analogy tax on good writers to force them to help Scott Walker write better tweets.

[Scott Walker on Twitter / Image: Crop of photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License 2.0]

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