Dumb South Dakota Pol Really Sorry He Told Black Reporter To Go Back To Kenya


Rapid City, SD, Councilman Bill Claytonseems like a swell fella! After all, it only took him five months to apologize to a black reporter for telling her she should be deported to Kenya. And anyway, he did not even know she was black, so he is obviously not racist. Here is something weird, though! The Rapid City Journal characterized his comments as "racist." Like a million times! What kind of libtards are wrecking the media in South Dakota, that they just SAY something is racist even when a city councilman denies it? We think we have found someone else for WND to execute for treason, next time Free Speech Week rolls around! But let us hear more about Clayton's scarequote "racist" unscarequote comments! And also the time he kind of sort of maybe threatened the life of a fellow councilmember! (Don't worry, it was probably just surveyor's marks.)

The investigation was initiated after two complaints were made against Clayton. One complaint was made by Walker and the other was about comments Clayton allegedly directed at [councilperson Charity] Doyle at a luncheon of the Wingnuts, a local political group. Clayton has denied making those comments.

Walker said Clayton asked her, "Should we deport you back to Kenya with Obama?" and "Are you even American; are you American?" while being interviewed by Walker on Aug. 29, 2012. Clayton questioned the precise accuracy of the quote and its context.

So Taisha Walker must have been pretty libtarded to be accused of being a Kenyan anti-imperialist socialist Hitler, right?

Clayton said Tuesday that he does not watch KOTA news, had not met Walker before the incident and didn't know she was black. The incident happened when Walker called Clayton to ask about a contentious tax increase the council was considering at the time.

When Walker asked Clayton how he planned to vote, he responded by asking how she planned to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Walker said she didn't plan to vote since she's a journalist, which led to Clayton’s questions about her patriotism and the assertion that maybe she should be sent to Kenya, the home of President Barack Obama’s father.

It's cool though you guys, because Clayton used to be a birther but now he is magically not a birther anymore. You know how easily those folks change their mind in the face of incontrovertible proof!

Clayton said he believed "birther" positions — which assert the president is from Kenya, not the United States — at the time, but his views have since changed.

"I understand our president is our president and a citizen of the United States," he said.

So, cool! Now let us read about him threatening the life (sort of, maybe, "allegedly") of Charity Doyle.

The allegations regarding Doyle were spelled out in a written complaint obtained by the Journal. But a witness also told the paper that Clayton, while talking at a political luncheon months ago, reportedly shaped his fingers into a gun, put them to his head and said Doyle "needs to be gotten rid of in any method necessary."

Clayton, 62, said he never did that. "I will tell you, and I will say this with my hand on a Bible, I never made a gesture of a gun to my head," Clayton said.

Then all his fellow councilmembers went all "I am Spartacus" and asked to be added as defendants in the investigation into Clayton, because these poor beleaguered white dudes gotta stick together, when they are calling for the removal of some dumb chick from the council "in any method necessary." Luckily, he refrained from saying "by any means necessary," because that was Malcolm X, and then Bill Clayton would have to go back to Kenya.

[RapidCityJournal / RapidCityJournal again!]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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