Dustee Tucker Really Is On Vacation

dustee%20tucker%20hud%20spokeswoman%20spokeshottie.jpgYesterday we introduced you to Dustee Tucker, the HUD spokeshottie who has been trying to spin Secretary Alphonso Jackson's recent, ill-considered remarks about the awarding of government contracts. Shortly after this matter blew up, Dustee Tucker left the office on leave, as reported by Think Progress.

When a scandal erupts and someone goes (or gets placed) on leave, it often looks highly suspicious. For example, Brian Doyle -- the DHS official accused of trying to seduce a minor using a computer -- was initially placed on administrative leave, before resigning from his post.

But with Dustee, it appears that she's just on vacation. Sometimes a "scheduled leave" is just a "scheduled leave." An operative advises us:

Read your coverage on Dustee Tucker. I know three facts:

1. She was voted most beautiful in high school.

2. She's single.

3. As we speak, she is on vacation in Malibu Hawaii [per the Dallas Morning News]. Poor girl, I hear it is her first in over a year.

By the way, she looks a hell of a lot more like the girl from Greys Anatomy than Tiffani Thiessen. It's better in person!

For those of you who can't get enough of Dustee, some additional info about her from a college classmate appears after the jump.

A college classmate of Dustee's at the University of North Texas had praise for her student government service. At UNT, she served as vice-president of the student body. Here's what our source had to say:

[As VP, Dustee] was very dedicated and hard-working... I ended up respecting her quite a bit. I did hear that she got her first position in D.C. due to a family connection (aunt was in the cabinet or high up in some department). But I would imagine she has risen because she is driven to succeed.

Indeed. And her striking good looks probably haven't hurt!

Housing Chief Tries to Head Off a Furor [NYT]

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