A long, long time ago, we were briefly obsessed with the bizarre tale of Dusty Foggo, the former Executive Director of the CIA, handpicked by Porter Goss, despite a career-long penchant for hilarious and public sexual misadventures. Foggo was eventually indicted for funneling money to a defense contractor (who's accused of bribing Duke Cunningham -- see, it's complicated, you can understand why we switched to Mark Foley). There were also regrettably vague stories of hookers showing up to Foggo poker parties (at the Watergate!).

Harper's Ken Silverstein, who loves this story even more than we do, is still at it.

Some of the more sensational stories in Hettena's book--and he has on-the-record sources--got me thinking. First, didn't Foggo's frequent indiscretions (for example, flashing his agency ID to jump the line at a strip club) raise red flags about his character? Second, wasn't Foggo's outlandish sexual behavior--like, say, publicly performing oral sex on a hooker (hired by Wilkes) at his own bachelor party--just the sort of thing that makes intelligence officials potentially vulnerable to blackmail by a hostile spy service? Third, might it be possible to cynically point to such revelations and use them as a hook for a blog item that combines sex and espionage?

See, we always suspected the CIA knew how to party. The NSA is lucky to get their boss to pick up the tab at a happy hour, let alone hookers.

Sex and the CIA [Harper's]


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