Somehow, the brief political truce engendered by the tragic and inexplicable collapse of a freeway bridge in Minneapolis didn't last. Against all odds, the most liberal city in the state is no longer thrilled with the response from their ambitious conservative governor. It turns out that a government that may be culpable in the disaster isn't trusted to clean it up, for some crazy reason.

Tim Pawlenty, governor, wants to expedite the rebuilding process and have a shiny new bridge up and running "by the end of next year," which is code for "hopefully by the time the GOP convention is held here." As we have learned, properly building bridges takes lots of years and lots of dollars, so this is generally considered to be an irresponsible way to go about it. Tim would also like to maybe be a running mate, some day.

The hippies in Minneapolis, lead by quirky, mismatched sock-wearing Mayor R.T. "R.T." Ryback, would like the bridge to be built not necessarily quickly but possibly safely, so that it doesn't fall down again. Also they want to put their stupid hippie "light rail train" on the new bridge.

Meanwhile four people still presumably lie at the bottom of the fucking Mississippi as divers begin their third week of searching.

If deadly tragedies can't bring us together as a nation (or state) for more than two weeks any more, what can? The dulcet tones and wry homespun wisdom of Garrison Keillor? Sven and Ole jokes? Kevin Garnett? Prince's new album better be fucking great.

Bridge Failure Can't Fend Off Usual Politics [NYT]

Photo: Marie Park Foss/European Pressphoto Agency


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