'Eager To Move On From Katrina'

Now why would you want to forget *this*? - WonkettePut this in the "Hey, ya think?" folder:

With the Hurricane Katrina anniversary behind it, the White House is moving quickly to shift the focus to a topic it thinks will play better for the GOP this fall. Thursday is scheduled to mark the start of yet another attempt by President Bush to frame the war in Iraq, and the war against Al Qaeda, in terms that might move his poll numbers in the right direction.
We'll tell you why this is being really mean to Katrina, after the jump.

Katrina and Iraq have so much in common! Is it really fair to separate them when they share so many compelling qualities?

* Both Katrina and Iraq are "man-made disasters."

* Both Katrina and Iraq have disproportionately killed non-whites.

* In both cases, there was ample warning of absolute catastrophe ... and the warnings were totally ignored by the White House.

* On the "glass is half full" side, both Katrina and Iraq have made the United States much less attractive to immigrants, many of whom could be day-shift taxi-driving terrorists who "kill at night."

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