Happy Early Cinco de Mayo and Local Voyages Around the World

Happy Early Cinco de Mayo and Local Voyages Around the World
  • Saturday, May 1 through Friday, May 7: Barack Obama's admission that he's anti-Real American and the Caps devastating Game Six loss weren't the only important pieces of news on the cover of Tuesday's second class morning read. Note the righthand corner where it's revealed that the Washington National Opera's Marriage of Figaro is a "delight." We believe everything this paper prints, so go see a production of this fine opera -- and if you're a "young professional," next Thursday you get in for only $15. [Washington National Opera]
  • Saturday, May 1: Europe's little volcanic ash problem was fun for no one, and it probably means that international travel is going to be exorbitantly expensive this summer. International travel may be out, but at a very, very distant second, embassies all over town are opening their doors on Saturday, meaning you can at least sample the culture of all the countries that you can no longer afford to see in person. [Passport DC]
  • Saturday, May 1 through Sunday, May 16:Reasons to be Pretty is a coming-of-age story complete with blatant metaphors, profanity, violence and angst -- the defining characteristic of our generation. But the play also has superb actors, and it does make you question the ease at which something so right can go so wrong. All of which is to say it's depressing but also great! [Studio Theater]
  • Saturday, May 1: The Mount Pleasant Music Fest is a festival welcoming spring that includes live music and free pizza, but it interestingly does NOT include the roasting of a pig or other large animal. It's from 2-7PM in Lamont Park on Saturday. [Mount Pleasant Main Streets]
  • Sunday, May 2: Cinco de Mayo is next Wednesday, but if the recent wrath against brown people has made you want to start celebrating early just in case the holiday becomes outlawed, this Sunday you can eat, dance and play "Mexico-style" at the 18th annual National Cinco de Mayo Festival. The festival is on the grounds of the Washington Monument, is free and goes from noon to 6PM. [Maru Montero Danco Co.]

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