Early Morning Stunt-Car Smashup!

  • About four dozen Mexicans who were being held in China on account of flu fears have been returned to their home country. None of the quarantined citizens showed any symptoms of having the flu, but Chinese authorities just wanted to be "safe" (= "dicks"). [Reuters]
  • Arlen Specter's clever plan to waltz back into re-election by changing parties may be foiled if the popular Republican Tom Ridge decides to run against him. [Washington Post]
  • Stocks went up yesterday, so it's pretty much guaranteed that they will sink again today, prompting more speculation about how we are doomed etc. [CNN]
  • A runaway stunt car in Times Square attempted to kill a Sbarro, but thankfully, nobody was terribly hurt. [New York Post]
  • Three state attorneys general would like Craigslist to stop allowing the posting of erotic ads, because once this single service does away with sex ads there will be no more sex or crime in the world. [CBS News]
  • While we in the Americas have the "luxury" of worrying over a relatively benign (as long as you're not in Mexico!) strain of pig flu, Egypt and Southeast Asia must deal with the much rarer but more deadly bird flu. [New York Times]

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