Earnest Christian Teen Creates Awful Online 'Rap' Artifact That Will Haunt Her Life Forever


You know what the kids are into these days? They are into "the rap." So here is a message of love about how buttsexing will send you to burn forever in hell.

There is really not a whole heck of a lot that can be said about this video whose actual title is "Rated T for Tolerance."

Except, it's really NOT about HATE,

the young lady STATEs,

So don't you get i-RATE

as you listen to her PRATE,

Or regurgi-TATE

Everything you ATE.

Ha-ha! "The Rap" is so easy, and it communicates an important message!

More than anything, we are actually kind of impressed that she is able to do the "rap hands" thing for emphasis, but with no discernible connection to a rhythm of any kind. That, and her shout-out at 1:11 to the great James Thurber, where she actually says "proper ganda."

But here, let's just pile on with video that may or may not be irritating. How about Unca Keith Ob'rmun, reading us that very fable? (If you wish to jump right to it, it's at 5:30 but c'mon, THURBER!)

[YouTube via Gawker]

Doktor Zoom

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