Earth Attempts to Open Up, Swallow Ron Paul

A Wonkette Operative spotted beloved and massively popular Presidential candidate Ron Paul in San Francisco last week.

Saw Ron Paul walking across Market and 1st. Surrounded by about 30 people carrying support signs.

Ten minutes later there was a HUGE SINKHOLE in the ground

As the local news reports:

All lanes of First Street between Howard and Mission streets in San Francisco were reopened this morning after crews worked all night to repair a sinkhole, according to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokesman.

The 20 feet by 30 feet sinkhole formed Thursday at about 3:50 p.m. when an 8-inch water service line pipe disconnected from the water main, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokesman Tony Winnicker said.

Is the feisty libertarian responsible for this disaster? The Public Utilities Commission doesn't say, but maybe the huge support for Paul's campaign is what pulled that pipe away from that water main, discharging water underground, weakening the roadway, and causing the cement to cave in. Huge, sidewalk-collaping support that the MSM doesn't want you to know about.

Friday Midday News Roundup [CBS5]


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