East Coast Roolz! Midwest Droolz!

The best part of the DHS urban grant debacle? No, it's not the increasing chances of a real rain coming and washing all this scum off the streets of New York and Washington; it's the glorious, happy return of pundit condescension towards the middle of the country! After years of "heartland" this and "real America" that, it's refreshing to read Dana Milbank make a couple dozen insulting references to flyover country -- the entrenched northeast liberal stereotype won't live up to itself, guys! Milbank gets in digs at:

  • "the horses of Louisville"

  • "the cattle of Omaha"

  • "such hot spots as Milwaukee and Tampa" (b-b-b-but Pabst! Schlitz! Miller! Blatz! Shotz!)

  • "such strategic hubs as Vermont, North Dakota and Wyoming" (considering the vast number of aging nuclear weapons stockpiled in North Dakota, this might be a good idea --ed)

  • "the bison of Grand Teton have lived in fear of al-Qaeda long enough" (ha ha -- eat it, Wyoming!)

It's fair play, though, as the rest of America had to pretend to like New York for like two or three years after that terrorist thing. Though no one has yet asked them to pretend to like Washington. Not even in a time of generation-defining struggle could that much of a sacrifice be asked of our nation.

Flash: DHS Disputes Al-Qaeda's 5-Star Rating of Two U.S. Cities [WP]


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