Eating with Daddy Dearest And Other Ways To Salvage Your Weekend

Eating with Daddy Dearest And Other Ways To Salvage Your Weekend
  • Wednesday, June 17: Whenever organizations in DC host a happy hour to support a progressive cause, be it giving out hordes of money to banks, saving the whales in Afghanistan or rallying for higher taxes to fund more tax collecting government agencies, they do so at Local 16. So it's no surprise that Live Green is throwing itself a party tonight at the local liberal watering hole to celebrate everything it has done over the past year to make DC more green. It's just what the trees would have wanted! $15 ticket includes admission, light fare, drinks, and music.

  • Thursday, June 18: In the two seconds that Screen on the Green was canceled, DC came up with more alternate film festivals than Sarah Palin has feigned opportunistic outrage. Tomorrow at the FreshFarm Markets’ Local Foods Movie Night, you can catch a screening of two different food-themed films that will undoubtedly critique your food choices and make you consider a lacto-raw-food-gluten-free diet, that is, until you remember that you have a giant leftover steak in the fridge. YUM. Tickets are $20 and include admission, wine, and healthy refreshments. Sneak in your own popcorn (and butter).
  • Sunday, June 21: It's Father's Day. If dad's nearby and you actually enjoy his company, buy him coffee or a tie or take him out for a nice meal. The Washingtonian, always eager to do our work for us, has compiled a list of places to take dear old dad for the big day!  And if dad's not in the District, enjoy a nice meal in his honor -- just like you did last month for Mom.
  • Monday, June 22-Monday, September 7:ACKC, a premier cocoa bar located just south of 14th and Q NW (can you say gentrification?), offers half-off sundaes every Monday from now until Labor Day. The sundaes are normally $7 -- we have no idea why in God's earth a sundae is that expensive -- but they're just $3.50 on Mondays, so why not indulge?
  • Tuesday, June 23: There's nothing like a restaurant that says, "you never eat here, so we're going to slash our prices once every six months in the name of 'neighborhood appreciation' so maybe you'll stop by and enjoy our adequate food." M Street Bar and Grill is offering 50% off their entire dinner menu and happy hour prices for drinks all night next Tuesday, and, no, we don't consider typical, bland, uninteresting food and service to be good reasons to shy away from cheap deals on nourishment.

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