Poor Marks. Wonkagenda For Wed., March 6, 2019

Trump's stonewalling and screaming, Republicans are squirming, and a lovely tribute for Rep. John Dingell. Your morning news brief!

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

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'I'm Totally Off Script Right Now.' Wonkagenda For Mon., March 4, 2019

Trump's humps a flag, Bernie's back, and Fox News is calling from INSIDE the White House. Your morning news brief!

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

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Class War

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Pays Staffers Decent Wages. What Is This, VENEZUELA?

REAL Americans like low wages, just like Fox News viewers.

Good lord, that monster Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems determined to wreck America by utterly destroying our beloved institutions and traditions. Her latest violent assault on all things holy? She announced last week she'd pay even the entry-level members of her congressional staff enough that they won't have to take second jobs and burn out trying to make rent. What is this country coming to, we ask you?

Needless to say, Fox News was simply outraged by the very idea that a member of Congress would decide to make a somewhat unconventional choice about how to spend the fixed pile of money each member is allotted to pay staff, because what the hell is even wrong with that lady and WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK! Here, just look at the socialist horror of people being paid enough to live on, from Sunday's "Fox & Friends." If you can even bear to hear about the destruction of a once-great nation, that is.

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Chinaman Not The Preferred Nomenclature, Trump. Wonkagenda For Tues., Feb. 26, 2019

Michael Cohen has 'EARTH SHATTERING' news, Trump trying to steal Uncle Sam's purse, and 9/11 first responders need our help. Your morning news brief!

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

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Dianne Feinstein Was A Dick Again

Burn the witch!

Dianne Feinstein was a dick to some schoolchildren yesterday. For many, many, many minutes, she was not a dick. But then she was a dick. She said some unfortunate things about like "ohhhhh you know SO MUCH BETTER" and "why don't YOU run for Senate then" and "I win elections by all the millions of votes, you can't tell ME what to do!" (It was implied.)

But what Dianne Feinstein did not do yesterday was big-foot the children (who were really smart and passionate) out of her office. And no, Twitter, she didn't singlehandedly stop the Green New Deal and therefore needs to resign.

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Tucker Carlson's 'Moron' Guest Kicks Him In The Crotch (WITH VOTES)

Stop what you're doing and watch the whole thing.

Tucker Carlson has recently dressed himself in the borrowed robes of an anti-elitist crusader. He thought he'd intercepted another kindred spirit like Glenn Greenwald when he invited Dutch historian Rutger Bregman onto his Fox show. It didn't work out that way and Carlson wound up screaming obscenities at Bregman. The segment never aired ... until now. Bregman recorded the interview and shared the whole thing yesterday through NowThis News.

The video's been viewed more than 6 million times so far, and the average audience for Carlson's show is roughly half that. Smart move there, Tucker. The entire exchange is delightful. Carlson started out giggling like a school boy because Bregman stuck it to those hypocrites who fly in private jets to a global summit on climate change. He even said he'd take his hat off to Bregman if he were wearing one. He's practically flirting with the guy at this point. We're just five minutes away from a total meltdown. Is Bregman going to start describing sexual encounters with Carlson's mother? No, he just suggested that rich people in America should pay more taxes.

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Nice Time

Elizabeth Warren Sending Her Aunt Bee To Give EVERYBODY Childcare!

Even better, you can get your own publicly funded Aunt Bee!

Elizabeth Warren rolled out a very solid plan for universal childcare today, and we're impressed. Looks like Democrats are going to have a serious debate about family, work, and how the two should fit together, which as plenty of advocates have noted, they currently do not, no not at all. We're excited, even though our own childcare days are well past, because damn it, this is about fairness for everyone, especially the kids.

Warren starts her pitch by emphasizing she's been there, noting that when she was raising her kids and teaching at a law school in Houston, the babysitter quit. She looked for other arrangements, and didn't find anything she could afford that provided good care:

I tried all sorts of child care options: another babysitter, a neighbor with kids, and a couple of daycare centers. One day I picked up my son Alex from daycare and found that he had been left in a dirty diaper for who knows how long. I was upset with the daycare but, more than anything, angry with myself for failing my baby.

Eventually, she called her Aunt Bee in Oklahoma and told her everything was falling apart and she feared she'd have to quit to take care of her children.

Then Aunt Bee said eleven words that changed my life forever: "I can't get there tomorrow, but I can come on Thursday." Two days later, she arrived at the airport with seven suitcases and a Pekingese named Buddy — and stayed for 16 years.

Elizabeth Warren wants everyone to have an Aunt Bee, or at least affordable childcare. Unfortunately, leaving childcare solely up to the private sector just hasn't worked, and that has contributed to poverty for lots of working parents, who may not even be able to afford the cheapest shoddiest care and end up not working as a result. Warren notes, "in more than half the states in the country, a year of child care costs more than a year of in-state college tuition."

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Hey, what if we REALLY acted like children are the future?

We actually have a genuine Nice Time for you today -- none of that mixed-blessing stuff like a story of a good person who got horribly discriminated against but then had the last laugh. Nope, this is just a terrific idea about reshaping a part of the economy to fit human needs and make everyone's life better, except of course for the lives of greedheads, but they're all miserable anyway because of all the Greed.

The nonprofit People's Policy Project has a nifty proposal for a national family policy that would put economic equality behind the notion of "family values" and address the decidedly non-family-friendly realities of capitalism. They call the thing the "Family Fun Pack," and you better bet they're deliberately playing off the silly advertise-y tone of that slogan. Heck, why use that name for discount tickets to a water park when we could make actual families' lives better?

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Trade War

EMERGENCY! ACHTUNG! Wonkagenda For Fri., Feb. 15, 2019

Trump to steal $8 billion for WALL, the TVA goes green, and Adam Schiff takes on Facebook's anti-vaxxer problem. Your morning news brief!

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

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Love Your Children Well. Wonkagenda For Thurs., Feb. 14, 2019

Manafort FUXXORED, snakey Republicans throw tantrums over guns, and Fox tries to hide an anti-Nazi documentary. Your morning news brief!

Morning Wonketariat, and happy Valentine's Day! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

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Trump's Billionaire Pal Tom Barrack Defends Saudis' Peculiar Institution: Journalist Murder

Sorry, westerners, you just wouldn't understand.

Trump's billionaire pal Tom Barrack has THOUGHTS on Saudi Arabia. After his star turn organizing the most expensive presidential inauguration ever PERIOD -- so expensive that there are now four pending criminal investigations to figure out how the hell they managed to spend $107 million -- Tom Barrack is here to tell you filthy colonialists to butt right out of the Kingdom, thankyouverymuch.

Not for nothing, but the killing of Jamal Khashoggi did not take place "in Saudi Arabia." In fact, the Saudi government lured the Washington Post reporter to its consulate in Istanbul, where a team of assassins Skyped in to let their bosses back home listen in while they murdered him and dismembered his body. Which is totally fine, see, because America has high rates of incarceration and gun violence. So, we're good, right?

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Fox News Too Classy To Air Tucker Carlson Screaming Obscenities At 'Moron' Guest

Best potential tape release of 2019. OK, second best, but we'll never see the pee tapes.

Fox News and Tucker Carlson are a class act, bringing family friendly programming like his rants about dirty foreigns, panda sex, and why do we even need "diversity" anyway. So it only stands to reason they'd want to protect their viewers from filthy nastiness, like a discarded segment from Monday's "Tucker Carlson Tonight" in which Minihannity (allegedly) lost his shit and started screaming obscenities at a guest who thinks billionaires should maybe pay higher taxes.

The guest, Dutch historian Rutger Bregman, made a big name for himself at January's World Economic Forum in Davos when he said billionaires should stop wanking around with little bits of private philanthropy and do something about worldwide inequality like maybe supporting equitable taxation. It went kind of viral -- and sorry about the cheesy public domain intro music, but it goes away pretty quickly:

Bregman noted that none of the billionaire class really seemed interested in talking about one really big thing:

I hear people talking the language of participation, justice, equality and transparency but then almost no one raises the real issue of tax avoidance, right? And of the rich just not paying their fair share. It feels like I'm at a firefighters' conference and no one's allowed to speak about water.

Oh, that's good stuff. He noted the ridiculous question, at Davos, by tech billionaire Michael Dell, who dared anyone to name a single nation in history that ever prospered with a 70 percent marginal tax rate, and like a big jerk fact knower, Bregman pointed out that the USA had a top marginal rate of 91 percent in the 1950s, although he failed to mention that as a result, we all had to live without computers, flatscreen color TVs, and cell phones, so were we even prosperous then?

Looks like Bregman has wrote himself book called Utopia for Realists, which we're going to have to check out, too!

So Tucker Carlson invited Bregman onto his Fox show to play the important role of liberal who gets told to shut up, only apparently that didn't go as Carlson planned. Bregman tweeted Monday that he'd shown up and done the interview, but Carlson had trouble keeping a civil tongue:

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Trump V. Beto: No Contest. Wonkagenda For Tues., Feb. 12, 2019

Trump takes on Beto, you're not getting a tax refund, and David Pecker's little Bonesaw. Your morning news brief!

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

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ANOTHER Government Shutdown!?! Wonkagenda For Mon., Feb. 11, 2019.

Trump demands WALL (again), everyone is still talking about Jeff Bezos's dick pics, and so much more. Your morning news brief!

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

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History Facts

Candace Owens, Hugh Hewitt Have Big Thoughts On HITLER

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Charlie Kirk's rightwing group "Turning Point USA" is allegedly all the rage with the young folks on "campus," although it's funded by a bunch of decidedly non-college-aged billionaires. The group does wholesome political stunts like wearing diapers to own the libs and sharing funny rape jokes on one official chapter's discussion channel. They're such a big success that they want to bring diapers, rape jokes, and other solid conservative values to Britain, which is why the internet is dropping its collective jaw today at some December video from a little talk given in London by TPUSA leader Candace Owens. Answering a question about whether anyone should be put off by the term "nationalism," Owens explained that it's a perfectly acceptable term, especially since it opposed (((globalism))), which is a very bad thing indeed. Oh sure, maybe the term makes some people think of Hitler, but that's mistaken, because in truth, Hitler was a globalist. If he'd just stuck to being a nationalist, he woulda been fine!

Here's the conservative thought leader sharing her thoughts:

I actually don't have any problems at all with the word "nationalism." I think that the definition gets poisoned by elitists that actually want globalism. Globalism is what I don't want.

Oh, OK. Kind of a weird thing to be saying in another country that your organization is trying to spread to, maybe, but sure. Now, do you have any thoughts on, say, Hitler?

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Green New Deal? ONE, PLEASE!

But what if we create jobs and save the environment for nothing?

In honor of Infrastructure Week, or maybe just Saving Our Own Large Mammal Selves Week, US Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez officially launched their fight for a Green New Deal today, invoking FDR and the original New Deal, and JFK's 1961 call to send humans to the Moon within a decade. Stopping climate change isn't something that can be achieved incrementally, they said, noting last fall's UN report warning that humanity has a dozen years, tops, to change its energy consumption and prevent the very worst effects of global warming. (Yes, Senator Inhofe, they announced it in winter, now go away.)

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