Economy Problem Magically Solves Terrorism Problem!


Just a few short years ago, Americans huddled in their underground bunkers worrying that Saddam Hussein was coming to bomb them, personally. Now Americans huddle in their underground bunkers worrying that they're going to have to tap into their emergency supplies of Hobo Beans -- but at least they're not afraid of the terrorists anymore!

Terrorism, such a quaint luxury from the olden tymes when we could freak ourselves out with visions of wealthy, sexually frustrated Arabs raining punishment on our hedonist asses! But now citizens do not give a flying fart about the terrorists anymore because they are too busy starving. The proof is in a new national survey by CNN/Opinion Research Corp.

Sixty-three percent said the economy is their top concern, with health care a distant second at 9 percent.

The federal budget deficit follows at 8 percent, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at 6 percent, education and terrorism tied at 5 percent, and energy policy at 2 percent.

Good thing congressional Republicans keep railing on about the deficit, while Dick Cheney goes on the Sunday shows every week with dire predictions of bombings all over the place.

Poll: Unemployment is Americans' top economic concern [CNN]

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