Ed Klein's Next Big Scoop?


"I'm not the first person who has questioned [Hillary Clinton's] sexuality..." Ed Klein told Sean Hannity yesterday. "She's given all kinds of signals that her sexuality is in question."

Such as? We haven't read The Truth About Hillary yet, but here's a partial synopsis from David Brock:

Fifty-one pages later, Mr. Klein is still at it, writing without attribution, "From her days in Wellesley onward, Hillary was often mistaken as asexual." He then quotes a "clinical sexologist" to contend that women described as "asexual" have in fact "shut down" their real sexual feelings. This passage introduces an anecdote wherein Sen. Clinton allegedly "made a point of sitting next to Nancy Wanderer" at her 25th Wellesley College reunion in 1994. According to Mr. Klein, "Hillary reached out and ran the palm of her hand over Nancy's butch [hair] cut."

Ran her hand over a butch hair cut? Why does that sound so familiar? Oh, right. Bush and his bald dude fetish. Hey, Ed, we think your next blockbuster is half-written already! Click here for more pix.

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