Ed Koch: How's Rudy Doing?

ed.jpgThere's not much love lost between former New York City Mayors Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani. Rudy thinks Ed kinda screwed up Gotham and was soft on crime, while Ed thinks Rudy just basically sucks. "I'm just amazed that Giuliani is doing as well as he's doing," Koch told HuffPo. "He doesn't deserve it."

Koch, a Democrat, initially supported Giuliani when he ran for mayor. The relationship went south, and in 1999 Koch wrote a book titled Giuliani: Nasty Man. Since then, his feelings pretty much haven't changed. In the interview, he also questioned Giuliani on his relationship with Bernie Kerik and using tax dollars for personal trips.

"There is something improper about charging costs to a department other than the NYPD," said Koch. "They are the ones who are supposed to pick him up no matter where he is whether or not it's in the city. I found it strange that his lady friend was given protection. That was bizarre. She's not the city's responsibility. Rudy is the city's responsibility. Your wife and his children get protection, and that's understood. But certainly not your lady friend."

Ex-NYC Mayor Koch: Giuliani Acted Improperly, Looks Like A Cover-Up [HuffPo]


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