Edible Flowers, Birthdays and Your Childhood Are What's Really Important

Edible Flowers, Birthdays and Your Childhood Are What's Really Important
  • Today through Saturday, July 26: A squash blossom is an edible flower, and, as all edible flowers deserve specials festivals, Oyamel is hosting one in the squash blossom's honor. In celebration, there will be small plates featuring the delectable flower for $8-$14. [Squash Blossom Festival, Oyamel]

  • Today through Saturday, July 26: When restaurants have birthdays, they celebrate by offering discounts to their costumers -- not bad. Urbana Restaurant and Wine Bar is offering specials all week to celebrate its third birthday. The specials include a $30 three-course tasting menu between 5PM and 7PM, and $3 beers and wines, $3 half-size pizzas and $3 small plates from 4PM-7PM and again from 10PM-11PM. [Urbana]
  • Thursday, July 23: Tomorrow you have the opportunity to look gentrification in the face and say "Okay maybe you’re not so bad. After all, you are supporting my beloved neighborhood." From 5PM-10PM participating Columbia Heights restaurants -- including Commonwealth, the Heights and Panda Express -- will donate a portion of dinner sales to help fund the Columbia Heights Festival on August 29. [Columbia Heights Day]
  • Saturday, July 25: Get in touch with your inner child and head to the Aloft Hotel at the Washington Harbor this weekend for "Recess," a game night party and ice cream social for adults. The best part of this recess? You’re old enough to consume alcohol. $10 tickets, available online only, get you free Gelato, random games from elementary school, and a DJ all night long. [Recess]
  • Tuesday, July 28: Poste is celebrating Peruvian Independence Day (they just keep on coming) with a Pisco Party and fashion show 6PM-10PM next Tuesday. Never had a Pisco before? It’s a strong brandy-like drink and it's good. The $5 entry fee is a donation to “the total development of the poor in Peru.” You get to drink and TOTALLY develop poor people! All in a day's work. [Poste]
  • Food to look forward to: Chipotle: delicious, all natural (maybe), but definitely good Mexican (?) food, is headed to Columbia Heights and the buzz is that it will be opening well before its proposed Fall 2009 open date. [The Heights Life]

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