Charter Schools No Joke, Unless They’re The Villain On ABC’s 'Abbott Elementary'

The hit sitcom's second season sticks up for public education.

Last week, charter school cheerleader Jeanne Allen tried to catch ABC's "Abbott Elementary" creator Quinta Brunson in a “gotcha." The most recent episode featured the Abbott teachers fighting an attempt to turn their school into a charter, and in snarky response, Allen tweeted. "I'll share it again. The creator, lead writer and co-producer of @AbbottElemABC @quintabrunson is from West Philly and attended charter schools her entire education. She reportedly loved it at the time, heaped praise on it. Once upon a time. Guess money talks."

Oh, yes, all that money in the banana stand public school PR business. This is classic conservative projection, as the charter school lobby has spent crap tons of money to influence elections and ballot measures across the country in recent years.


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Mean Federal Court Still Won't Let Ron DeSantis Cast Woke Demons Out Of Colleges

But ... but ... that means the woke will keep woking!

Wokeness and critical race theory and Marxist indoctrination can continue to run rampant in Florida colleges and universities after a federal court ruled Thursday to keep in place an injunction against enforcing the "Stop WOKE" Act. The 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request by Gov. Ron DeSantis's administration to please let it stop some woke, even just a little, while the case is being decided.

In November, US District Judge Mark Walker determined the law, which would restrict how colleges and universities can teach about race and gender, was unconstitutional as all fuck, because what part of free speech don't you understand? In a remarkably fun decision to read, Walker called the law "positively dystopian" and cited George Orwell in his order, adding that the bill's formal name, the "Individual Freedom Act," was a dandy example of doublespeak.

As we said at the time, it's awfully refreshing to see an invocation of Orwell by someone who has actually read and understood the dear old lifelong socialist who thought basic human decency might yet have a chance against totalizing ideologies.

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Proposed Florida Textbooks Won't Say Why Rosa Parks Stayed Seated. Maybe She Was Stubborn, Who Knows?

She probably should've taken an Uber.

Now that Ron DeSantis has scrubbed all the woke out of Florida math textbooks, it's time for the state's social studies textbooks to be winnowed, so that no traces of critical race theory remains, and so no children feel guilty or sad about history. The New York Times reports (gift link) that as part of the periodic review of textbooks this year,

a small army of state experts, teachers, parents and political activists have combed thousands of pages of text — not only evaluating academic content, but also flagging anything that could hint, for instance, at critical race theory.

Remember, of course, that while in academia, critical race theory is a graduate-level topic of study, on the right, CRT means anything that makes white people fretting about The Blacks uncomfortable.

One group involved in the effort, the Florida Citizens Alliance, determined that 29 of the 38 textbooks its volunteers examined were simply inappropriate for use in Florida, and urged the Florida Department of Education to reject them. The Times notes that the group's co-founders helped out with education policy during DeSantis's transition (to governor, not in a trans kind of way, heavens!), and that it has "helped lead a sweeping effort to remove school library books deemed as inappropriate, including many with L.G.B.T.Q. characters."

We bet the books they rejected were just full of critical racecars and critical footraces! Just how bad were these awful textbooks?

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Class War

Why Must We Force Ben Shapiro To Explain To Us That Feeding Children Won't Help Child Hunger?

We do not deserve his patience.

All the cool states these days are implementing universal free lunch. California did it first, then Colorado and Maine, and now Minnesota and Connecticut are following suit — after realizing that they all really liked it when all kids ate free during the height of the pandemic.

But not everyone is very happy about it. Minnesota state Sen. Steve Drazkowski, for one, who doesn't know a single hungry person in all of Minnesota and is just outraged by this whole thing. Then there is Ben Shapiro, who cannot believe he has to explain to us that feeding children is not the answer to child hunger.

"If government can protect kids from the sick, radical Left, shouldn't they also protect kids from hunger? Wouldn't it make sense to strengthen food stamps and have school lunch be free since some kids are in school lunch debt?" asked a viewer who was clearly messing with him, since people who use terms like "the sick, radical left" largely do not care about feeding children who are not their own children.

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