Edwards Campaign Blog: Bill Richardson Feeds Babies To Wolves

Aww ... kill them. - WonketteThe official John Edwards blog has a great new message about Bill Richardson that will surely be offensive to Democrat primary voters: Bill Richardson is an environmentalist who supports the reintroduction of native wolves in the desert Southwest. As a result, writes this John Edwards' blogger in bizarrely awkward English, Richardson wants wild animals to eat American children.

Learn the shocking truth, after the jump.

So Bill Richardson should understand that when it comes to children and safety one strike is out, instead in the last year he has had three strikes where wolves have endangered children.
The blogger then quotes a bunch of hysterical anecdotes from a hysterical website that opposes wolf-reintroduction programs for the same reason corporate welfare ranchers have always opposed wild predators: The wolves eat the occasional cow out there on public land crapping in the streams and trampling the landscape.
Nothing has been done to protect our children in New Mexico and if Bill Richardson is president I am sure he will continue support coyotes attacking kids in New Jersey, alligators killing children in Florida, mountain lions stalking and attacking children Arizona, not to mention wolves stalking children in every state they are soon to be released in .... If you think this sounds like Jurassic Park or the Twilight Zone living in here is. This is what the United States will be like with Bill Richardson as president or vice president.
It's great that the Edwards campaign has finally found a "wedge issue" to separate Richardson from Edwards. Democrat primary voters will not idly stand by and let a Western environmentalist win the nomination! Send John Edwards! He will kill the wildlife -- or at least bring billion-dollar class-action lawsuits against it!

Bill Richardson Supports Wolves Stalking Children; I Hope Edwards is for Child Safety [John Edwards Blog]


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