Edwards Sex Scandal Spawns Another Book

Among the more bizarre aspects of the tragic "John Edwards is a sex lizard" story that broke last year was the part where a long-term aide claimed that he, the aide, was the father of Rielle Hunter's baby and took her in tolive with him and his wife and children for a while, all bankrolled by that lawyer and Democratic financier who's now conveniently dead. The aide, Andrew Young, is shopping around a book that will presumably spill the beans on the very important question of who the father of the little Edwards-looking tot really is, because why else would you buy the goddamn thing, right?

Young submitted a 20-page proposal and began a round of visits to New York publishers the week of June 15.Included in the proposal are photos of Edwards with the alleged love child. Under pressure, Edwards admitted to having an affair with Hunter but has denied paternity;it was originally reported that Hunter would submit baby Frances to a DNA test to determine her paternity, but she quickly rescinded that offer. The space for “father” on Frances Hunter’s birth certificate was left blank.

BLAH BLAH BLAH tell us something we don't know, Sara Nelson, former editor of Publishers Weekly and author of this uninformative article! What are all your hot publishing industry contacts FOR if they can't even look at this tawdry man's tawdry proposal and confirm or deny whether he is, as your headline suggests, the father of Edwards' baby?

John Edwards "Baby Daddy" to Tell All [The Daily Beast]


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