Egggate: White House Lawn to Remain Gay-Free Until 11

nogaysallowed.jpgHardest ticket in town, folks.

So are all the gay families just standing outside the gates watching this? Anyone been down there? They didn't quite make it in with the rest, it looks like:

This year, at the last minute, for the first time, the policy for distributing tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll has changed, with the families waiting outside all night to get opening time tickets receiving tickets with an entrance time of 11AM or later -- after the cameras have rolled for the opening ceremonies of the event, because the egg roll is slated for 8 a.m. to 2 p.m, according to the White House press release.

We're just amazed it took them until the last minute to think of a way to screw over the queers, frankly. We woulda been kinda worried if they'd let 'em in without incident. On the other hand, though, in what media market is the White House egg roll interrupting your normal broadcast day? It's 45 seconds at the end of the morning news, at most. But add a 100 gay families, even if they're not letting them in with the breeders, and you got yourself two minutes and an analysis in tomorrow's Post.

And hey, can't you guys get this God of yours to make it quit raining?

LGBT Families Wait All Night For Easter Egg Roll tix, White House Shuts Them Out of Opening Ceremonies [Pandagon]


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