Egyptian Military Dissolves Parliament, Calls For Elections

  • Egyptian military leaders say they are dissolving the pro-Mubarak parliament and suspending the constitution, with the intention (allegedly) of holding elections within the next two months. Military police are still trying to mop up the remaining protesters in Tahrir Square, and banks are closed until Wednesday due to protests by National Bank workers, so basically anything can happen! (For example: the CIA might decide to murder everyone and then install John Bolton as King of Egypt and Bombing Iran.) Also, John Boehner said flattering things about Obama's diplomatic skillz, which is a Hanukkah miracle. [BBC/CNN/NYT]
  • And now Yemen is protesting, too. [CNN]

  • Happy Valentine's Day, unless you live alone with your cats! Don't worry. Here is a news article about a GPS device that can "help you find other singles nearby." (Why are single people "geocaching" themselves?) [McClatchy]


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