Egyptian Workers Takin' It To the Streets

  • The Egyptian People are still very angry at their trillionaire dictator, even though Dick Cheney has said repeatedly that Mubarak is "a good man" and "an extraordinary [rendition] friend." And now labor strikes have erupted all over Egypt, including a sit-in by "about 6,000 workers at five service companies owned by the Suez Canal Authority," and walk-outs at the Health Ministry. Meanwhile, Mubarak has created a committee of judges and legal scholars to propose friendly solutions to all this civil unrest. Apparently this committee is full of Mubarak sympathizers, so they will probably suggest "calling in the scabs." [NYT]
  • A federal judge has ordered BP to pay an Eskimo family $4.9 million, for failing to ask if it was "okay" before drilling for delicious oil on the family's land. Rude! Tony Hayward, get thee to cotillion! [ADN]

  • North Korean military people walked out on discussions with South Korea. (Sigh.) More artillery bombardments and needless death. [NYT]


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