Eight Degrees of Separation: The Jenny Lee Story Continues

friendsterFirst, let us note that Jenny 8. has defenders. She's apparently an awesome cook. We received several letters to this effect. But we're more impressed with the awesome power of the Harvard Mafia, who seems to have sexed up the whole "Jenny Lee as glam hostess" story like Paul Wolfowitz high on yellowcake. From The Corner (no hard feelings, eh, Jonah?) we learn that in addition to connecting the author of the piece to its subject, Harvard was home to "[a]t least 6 of the 11 people quoted" in the original NY Sun story. Then again, while this sounds like the product of an inbred elitist culture, it's probably just a coincidence: Do you have any idea how hard it is to find people who didn't go to Harvard? You might have to actually call a, like, stranger or something. Ew.

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