Eight Is Seven Too Many

  • Iran's president says President Obama must apologize for Bush and "stop supporting Zionists, outlaws and criminals." In other words, he's not willing to meet without preconditions. [Times Online]
  • The Pope reinstated a few nutty old bishops, including a Holocaust denier, but says that he personally thinks Jews are just awesome. [Washington Post]
  • Fertility experts are generally concerned about, and dismayed by, this gal in California who had a frigging litter of children. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The FDA says that the Georgian salmonella/peanut plant that got a lot of people sick has knowingly sold tainted food in the past. [MSNBC]
  • House Republicans, suddenly concerned about the national debt for the first time in EVER, will probably not vote in large numbers for the new economic stimulus package. [AP]
  • Russia is making nice with Barack Obama by delaying plans to place short-range missiles in Eastern Europe. [UPI]

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