Eight Years Since 9/11 And No Closer To A Consensus About How To Spell 'Al-Qaeda'


  • Al-Qaeda is celebrating the eight year anniversary of 9/11 by being impotent, broke, and mired in petty bureaucratic struggles. [The Guardian]
  • Democrats don't want to send more troops to Afghanistan, despite Obama wanting this more than anything else in the world, basically. [New York Times]
  • Turns out that human beings can beat THE SWINE with one preventative shot, not two, which means twice as many pregnant gals, seniors, and babies (the "at risk groups") will be able to avoid getting the flu. [New York Times]
  • Here is your comprehensive Joe Wilson Exegesis, complete with South Carolina Civil War-to-Segregation Fun Facts. Joe Wilson actually comes from a storied political lineage of retards, is the point. [Washington Post]
  • To little fanfare, Motorola has unveiled its new Google phone thing and literally no one cared enough to buy more Motorola stocks. Terrible, simply terrible. [Reuters]
  • GM has everything to lose and nothing to gain from its new "May the Best Car Win"-themed PR strategy. [AP]

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