* Police brutality plummets in Iraq as doomed country loses NYPD-sized number of cops. [Passport]

* Carl Bernstein's new job: writing sex-filled supermarket paperbacks. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Just how many times in Iraq can shit hit the fan? [Iraq Slogger]

* "You see kids, I just stick this tube into the mommy and ZIP! The problem goes away!" [Hot Air]

* Mitt Romney has knocked John McCain all the way to the end of the list of people Republicans will reluctantly vote for, so now McCain is telling everyone about Romney's mulatto bastard child. [Election Central]

* Ron Paul has heroically served the nation by making LGF shut up and go away. [LGF]

* Nebraskans who feel that their current Senators are not incompetent enough will be able to elect John Bruning. [Redstate]


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