Elaine Chao Update: You Should Really Hit the Books Harder

Months upon months ago, we asked you, the reader, what's worst about working for Labor Secretary Elaine Chao. Today, we've got a brief (but entertaining) update. In a department-wide email yesterday, Chao wrote:

About 219 years ago this week 55 delegates met and signed the Constitution.

By September of 1787, there were 41 delegates at the convention, three of whom refused to sign the Constitution due to what they claimed were fundamental problems with it. They presumably saw that it someday might allow this administration.

But seriously, if you hate your boss so much that you're forwarding us her irrelevant historical inaccuracies, you might not be cut out for public service.

Correction: That is, it seems, a paraphrase of Chao's actual email (and yeah, we know that she didn't actually write it herself). Exact quote: "Two hundred and nineteen years ago this week, the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia completed and signed an entirely new framework of government:" The date is exact, sure, but if anything she's even more wrong on the point we corrected above.

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