Elderly Birther Gives Up After Two Years -- Nobody Will Give Him Money!


Back in the good old days of making shit up about the Democrat president, mysterious gazillionaires like Richard Mellon Scaife or Montgomery Burns would give you piles of money for your wacky pursuit. The Web is still home to many such wingnut cesspools launched with Scaife's riches! But these days, Christ, not even a full-time Birther can make a few bucks, even though he spent two of his last sad years on Earth dedicated to proving coloreds can't be president.

Really, can't that orange-headed fucktard Lou Dobbs send over $10,000 to help out this poor old dude?

"The Obama camp didn't get to me. They can't," he told WND. "What got to me is my fellow Americans, the cheap bastards." "I'm disappointed," he said, explaining he lives on Social Security and a small amount of retirement money. "I just am tired of doing what I'm doing, and I get 50 e-mails a day telling me I'm a great patriot and they're praying for me. I don't want to hear it. Just send me $10."

[Joe.My.God via The Awl]


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