Woman Getting Shot Through the Brain Opens Up AZ-8 For Dude

Woman Getting Shot Through the Brain Opens Up AZ-8 For Dude

Unfortunately for Gabrielle Giffords' 2010 midterm opponent, Teabagger Jesse Kelly, just as he was about to announce another run against her in the next election, Giffords was shot through the head at point-blank range when she was out serving her constituents. Fiddlesticks! What bad luck! Kelly canceled the announcement. But say Jesse Kelly had thisfriend, right? And this friend was wondering what would happen to Giffords' seat in Congress. She's not, uh, she's not using it right now, right? Whoops: "Yesterday’s item about Jesse Kelly exploring a special election for the CD8 seat in the wake of Giffords’ shooting created waves in Tucson political circles."

This is how Kelly canceled his campaign:

“Everything’s been cancelled. Everything’s on hold. We just don’t want to discuss politics at a time like this,” Kelly’s campaign spokesman, John Ellinwood, said.

And this is how he went about seeing, uh, a new, you know -- if she can't -- what's the, you know, uh:

Attorney Lee Miller, who serves as legal counsel for the Arizona Republican Party, told our reporter Kelly’s campaign contacted him earlier this week to find out how the seat would be filled if Giffords couldn’t serve.

Enough of this silly little tiptoeing. If a member of Congress gets shot during his or her term, the seat should go to the next-closest vote-getter from the previous election. This was Sharron Angle's strategy, after all, and now she's just sitting around at home in her sweats watching The Price Is Right and crappy 80's movies all day. Let's cheer her up. [Ben Smith]


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