Election Night Options

What with the city basically empty, there are not a lot of options for Election Night in D.C. (though we bet the parties at the Kenosha Holiday Inn will rock!). Organized events include:

FairVote's Couch Pundit Extravaganza, with guest speakers, prizes, and booze in private room @ Big Hunt [Craigslist]

Election Night Remix with DJ Spooky and a collage installation of live election results @ the Black Cat [City Paper]

Votergasm's Official D.C. Party: "Vote. Get Laid." @ Lucky Bar [Votergasm]

"What Will the Election Mean for Urban America?" panel @ the Urban Institute [Urban.org]

UPDATE: The Post has a more comprehensive roundup. Uhm, they have a staff or something.

Just looking for a place to watch the returns? We have suggestions. . .

Capital Grille (202-737-6200, 601 Pennsylvania Ave NW) will be "overflowing with people," most of them rich. It might be fun to see them cry. Or raise a glass to the spirit of Jenna and Barb at Smith Point (202-333-8368, 1338 Wisconsin Ave NW). Other absent guests: See what the Post Pub (202-628-2111, 1422 L St NW) looks like without Lockhart in it. Same for Stetson's, which is actually one of the few bars who bothered to come up with some kind of election gimmick: "we'll pay the tax on you (sic) tab"! Started drinking early, eh? We love that. Bullfeathers isn't doing anything specifically for election night, but their regular Tuesday night drink special resonates for Bushies (and those who might want to send him back to Texas): Shiner Bock for $2.75.

Real liberals and those who love them, however, will be sure to hit Joanna's 1819 Club (that strip club near Sign of the Whale, 202-296-2191, 1819 M St NW), where patrons are promised "a special election night line up.... with very patriotic performances." There are also

drink specials, and "we'll have the TVs at the bar on." Yet another reason to hope that it's a blowout.


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